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I’ve paid my dues. I interned at a couple of different companies throughout college. Been there, done that. I’ve identified a couple of ways to avoid looking/acting like the stereotypical intern. 1. Dressing Like a Tool There are three types of interns. Those who overdress and outdo their manager, those who pretend to be a […]

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Recently I blogged about how the iPhone is an investment. Well, there are two sides to a coin so let’s venture to the dark side, the side Apple public relations tries so hard to keep under wraps. $199? Forget about it. You pay for activation ($18), data ($30/mo), and if you are the least bit […]

People always ask me “Sheehan, what do you really do?” I could bore them to death about how I’m in IT and I develop distributed enterprise applications that enable realtime messaging services for corporate payment accounts – but what does that really mean to your everyday joe (or sally)? The Elevator Pitch What I’m trying […]

Computer Science Masters of Business Administration Learning Looks like Google is giving out advice on not only how to get in, but how to succeed in a rapidly changing industry such as technology (can be applied to other disciplines too). The challenge for the up-and-coming generation is how to acquire them. It’s easy to educate […]

This past weekend we experienced the second coming of the Jesus phone. The blogging community likes to point out that the overall cost of the iPhone over 2 years is something around $2,000. While that is true it is hardly any different from paying those fee’s with any smartphone, be it Windows Mobile, Blackberry or […]

Some of my friends just getting into the workforce are wondering how they should dress at the office. Corporate America is getting ready to usher in a new wave of emo hippies where being the first commenter on digg means you’re cool. Lets take a look at the do’s and dont’s of the dress code […]

Wells Fargo Checking – basically is a pool of money to pay off my credit card bills. I only keep as much as I need to make my monthly payments with a couple hundred dollars for cushion. I have budgeted 1/3 of my paycheck for expenses. Wells Fargo Savings – just a backup for my […]

A few days ago I posted on five things you should splurge on. Well there are two sides to every coin so drum roll please… Gym Memberships –  If you are going to go to a gym, are smoothie bars and massage parlors going to make a difference to you? You are going there to […]