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When I was in college I started off in the front row my freshman year and progressively made my way towards the back as a senior. I want to debunk a myth for some people today. Your college degree does not mean anything. Especially if you majored in business. I kid. But really. When you […]

Can you really give up your car? (…and yes that is a basket) Is that really a question? I am subscriber and fan of the blogger who posted this, but some personal finance blogs go to extremes to save money. Sure you can save a ton on gas money by riding a bike to work […]

If you can pay off your bills every month, charge everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to your card. Groceries, gas, 99 cent candy bars, you name it. If you’re going to be buying things you might as well get something back for it. Rewards There are plenty of rewards credit cards out there that give […]

I recently signed up at a gym near my house because I didn’t want to become the stereotypical overweight, UNIX beard sporting, computer nerd. Here are some ‘hacks’ I used to get the best deal: Use a corporate discount – If your employer offers a discount, use it! Usually you’ll get the registration fee waived […]

It is a great time for young investors. The smell of a recession…ahh. You might think I’m doped up or plain out of my mind, but listen. Sure gas prices are at an all time high, the cost of milk could’ve bought you a really cheap haircut, and interest rates flat out suck. Recessions are […]

CNN Money has a great calculator that determines the cost of living if you are looking to compare your salary in different places. Lets take an example of a $60,000 salary in Chicago and what that turns out to be if you held the same position in Phoenix. Salary in Chicago IL: $60,000 Comparable salary […]

I thought I would be getting my stimulus package last Friday according to To my disappointment there was no stimulus check in my bank account, even though I opted for direct deposit when filing my federal return. I did some research and the culprit is Turbo Tax in conjunction with their bastardly partner The […]

A good way to measure yourself is to see how much you’re worth in terms of your assets. Basically, if I was to be traded on the Nasdaq how much am I valued at?…just kidding. Tools CNN Money provides a very simple yet basic net worth calculator that measures how much people in your age […]