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(bling is Paris Hilton’s thing. If you like it, buy it) People sometimes get too caught up on saving. If you are disciplined and spending less than you earn then I say splurge on the things you enjoy. Personally, I love eating out and buying gadgets. There is no need to cut back on what […]

Certificates of Deposit (CD) are for two types of people: Those who are too chicken to invest in the market Those setting up an emergency fund I hope you are reading this article for the latter, but I digress. Throwing your money into 1 big CD isn’t a good strategy. Try laddering instead. Examples For […]

If you are an investor you should know who Warren Buffett is. Shame on you if you don’t know about him. For those of you who don’t know, I suggest wikipedia’ing him. If you want throw $100 bills in the air and not care (see photo above), you must be Warren Buffett. Words of Wisdom […]

I understand that while in college, or just starting out that initially investing is not a priority. We’ve got to pay rent, buy food, make car payments, etc etc and by the end of the month there is little money or no money left over. That is why I recommend coming up with a budget […]

Some supply chain jock may be dropping their jaws right now, but I had to say it. If you’re young and investing in the long term (at least 5-7 years) flipping houses and property will not make you rich unless you already have a lot of money to begin with. CNN Money has a great […]

I am a huge fan of Swenson’s Yale Portfolio. It’s simple, doesn’t require many funds and has beaten the S&P500 in good and bad times. One thing I don’t like about it are bonds. Fratboy Investor’s are young. We don’t need bonds yet. Lets take a look at how a Fratboy would invest in the […]

(sorry about the big ass image but, Starbucks deserves some big ass recognition) I said I wouldn’t blog about frugality, so be warned – this is not a post on how to save little bits of money to increase your wealth. No. The best way to build wealth is through consistently investing money. I digress, […]