How to Save $1,000 This Instant


Ramit Sethi at I Will Teach You To Be Rich has a 30 day challenge, to save $1,000 for the month of November. This is AWESOME, and I am definitely on board.

However, I have a really quick solution to saving $1K this year. It’s not going to take you 30 days. Simply don’t go on vacation this year. Check out my very first video blog below:

I eat my own dog food too. I cancelled my trip to Florida in December.


2 Responses to “How to Save $1,000 This Instant”

  1. So long as you don’t have kids this idea is pretty good. I recharge my batteries, so to speak, by simply take a day of leave and relaxing on the couch to some Sportscenter or other favorite shows. No jet lag, no sun burn, no lost luggage, no airport parking fees! Money saved so I can eventually exit this rat race before my peers!

  2. Nice tip!

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