The 10 Second Elevator Pitch


People always ask me “Sheehan, what do you really do?” I could bore them to death about how I’m in IT and I develop distributed enterprise applications that enable realtime messaging services for corporate payment accounts – but what does that really mean to your everyday joe (or sally)?

The Elevator Pitch

What I’m trying to get at is we all need an elevator pitch. Even if we don’t have a business or a product, we need one for ourselves. Whether you run into an old high school buddy, or you’re at a networking event you need to be prepared.

General wisdom states an elevator pitch should be 30 seconds. That is too long. People stop paying attention after 15 seconds if you aren’t captivating. Come up with a 10 second pitch. Most people don’t like to listen, they like talking so get it overwith and let yourself stick.

My 10 Second Elevator Pitch

My name is Sheehan Alam, and I am an IT analyst. Every time you pay your bill online, you are using my product.

That’s it. If people want to know more, they will ask you. Ten seconds is all you need.


One Response to “The 10 Second Elevator Pitch”

  1. 1 thenakedlistener

    My father had the same thing with the exact same name. He told me (fully 25 years ago now) that he had this name-thing since around 1930s in Shanghai. And because of my father, I had a 10-second pitch even when I was still a student (for the girls, you see). Your 10-second pitch is wonderful, I have to say.

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