5 Signs You’re An Intern


I’ve paid my dues. I interned at a couple of different companies throughout college. Been there, done that. I’ve identified a couple of ways to avoid looking/acting like the stereotypical intern.

1. Dressing Like a Tool

There are three types of interns. Those who overdress and outdo their manager, those who pretend to be a stylish hipster from Entourage, and those who believe jeans are the be all, end all of all things to come. Try and scope out an intern at your office, you’ll see they will fall into one of these three categories.

2. Volunteering To Coordinate Events

No job screams intern better than planning the companies next team outing. Sucking up to your peers so that you can land another summer of cash next year is just icing on the cake.

3. Over-Complicating Your Actual Job

Interns like to think what they are doing is extremely important and is a deal breaker/life saver for the company they work at. Tasks such as planning the next team outing become superflously described as “coordinating and leveraging resources.”

4. Two Hour Lunch Breaks

Interns love to spend their paychecks on food. They love eating out so much that lunch becomes a full time activity. You can’t get fired for eating lunch for two hours at Hooters because you’re only going to be at the company for the summer. Who cares.

5. Making The Best of Nothing

This is especially true for interns that don’t get paid. The company is so cheap that they somehow convinced you that the experience will pay off more, and that they are doing you a favor by letting you intern for them.


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