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Investing is easy, but investing smart is a whole different ball game. There are plenty of hidden fees’ brokerages, fund managers, and financial advisor’s don’t tell you about which can seriously eat away at your returns. Account Minimum Fee’s These are usually spelled out for you, but if you don’t like reading pay attention. When […]

Do you have to invest all of your investment money into retirement? No. A non-retirement account can be used as a part of your savings so that you can tap into it before you retire without any penalties. Lets take a look. Conservative Investors Say.. Fund 401k up to the maximum employer contribution Fund Roth […]

Tracking your spending is easy with Mint, but how about tracking your investments for free? I stumbled upon CakeFinancial recently and think of it as Mint meets your portfolio with the added twist of social networking. Track Your Portfolio Automagically CakeFinancial imports your brokerage data so you’ve got the most up to date status of […]

The last thing people want to do once they start working is to budget. Who doesn’t want to spend their hard earned money on a fancy dinner, or a new stereo sound system? Spending less than you earn is the key to financial prosperity. You’ll have money for an emergency, money to invest, and a […]

NOW You are not making the most out of your money by keeping it in a regular savings account at Wells Fargo, Bank of America, or <insert your favorite brick & mortar bank of choice>. The thought of making less than half of a percent every year on your hard earned money is injustice. Less […]