5 Reasons Not To Splurge


A few days ago I posted on five things you should splurge on. Well there are two sides to every coin so drum roll please…

  1. Gym Memberships –  If you are going to go to a gym, are smoothie bars and massage parlors going to make a difference to you? You are going there to work out. So skip the elite gyms and cover your basics; treadmill, weights, swimming pool, and basketball courts. Don’t get suckered into paying registration fees, termination fees, or contracts.
  2. Fitness Supplements – I’m looking at all of you chumps who buy creatine, weight gain powder, diet pills, metabolism enhancers etc. Lets face it, if you’re buying this crap you’re most probably wasting your money into thinking you’re getting some great workouts. Unless you’re a professional body builder skip the placebo and save your money. My alternative? Go natural and buy fruits and vitamins that will boast your health.
  3. Car Lease – I’ll be writing a post on this soon, but if you can’t afford to buy a car, don’t get suckered into lining the dealers’ pocket by getting into a lease. Pay for what you can afford.
  4. Fast food – I see people ordering $10 worth of stuff individually at Subway or other fast food joints. If you’re going to throw down a Hamilton just treat yourself to better food. In a rush? Most restaurants have to-go pickup and delivery.
  5. Music – if you’re buying music from iTunes get a life. Come have a chat with me about bit-torrent.

That’s all folks. Splurge accordingly.


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