5 Things You Should Know About The iPhone 3G


Recently I blogged about how the iPhone is an investment. Well, there are two sides to a coin so let’s venture to the dark side, the side Apple public relations tries so hard to keep under wraps.

  1. $199? Forget about it. You pay for activation ($18), data ($30/mo), and if you are the least bit social ($5/mo for 200 text msgs minimum), and did I mention a two year contract with AT&T?
  2. The 2.0 software is buggy. Your phone will restart a few times a day and applications will crash. Apple will fix this soon however, but for those who just picked one up, you are paying the early adopter tax imposed by his Steveness himself.
  3. 3G and GPS drain battery big time. Plan on charging your phone every night.
  4. The casing is made out of plastic. Smudges anyone?
  5. Despite its shortcomings it is still the most advanced and sleekest phone on the market.

One Response to “5 Things You Should Know About The iPhone 3G”

  1. You forgot the facts that 3G is only available in major cities and that over the course of the 2 year contract, the new iPhone is actually more expensive than the old one.

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