What Degree Do I Need To Get Into Google?


  • Computer Science
  • Masters of Business Administration
  • Learning

Looks like Google is giving out advice on not only how to get in, but how to succeed in a rapidly changing industry such as technology (can be applied to other disciplines too).

The challenge for the up-and-coming generation is how to acquire them. It’s easy to educate for the routine, and hard to educate for the novel. Keep in mind that many required skills will change.

This is sage advice. The best way to accumulate wealth in your early years is your career. Invest in it by always learning and staying up to date with trends.


3 Responses to “What Degree Do I Need To Get Into Google?”

  1. 1 vazsingh

    I’ve been listening to a number of audio books by successful people such as Brian Tracy & Tony Robbins. They put a lot of emphasis on self-improvement by aquiring further skills and experience.

    I’d do anything to get into Google. Apparantly 1/4 of the employee’s are millionaires. Will the next millionaire be you?

  2. 2 ibnucokro

    Kept learning and never give up of course you will be success in Google.

  3. 3 Loui

    Bill Gates is a millionaire and he does not work for Google.

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