The Generation Y Dress Code


Some of my friends just getting into the workforce are wondering how they should dress at the office. Corporate America is getting ready to usher in a new wave of emo hippies where being the first commenter on digg means you’re cool. Lets take a look at the do’s and dont’s of the dress code at most companies.

Facial Hair

Its cool to rock a little bit of stubble or even a full on beard (UNIX junkies rejoice). Times have changed, and having a five ‘o clock shadow no longer means you’re a lazy tool. As long as you are groomed most companies shouldn’t object. Check with HR though before you want to get down with Lost.


Jeans are a staple in almost everyone’s wardrobe. From what I’ve noticed, most companies consider jeans to be part of the business casual look as long as everything is fitted and put together. Some companies don’t even allow it, and leave it for casual fridays. Hot tech startups don’t care what you wear, as long as you submit your code on time =).


Don’t worry ladies, I didn’t forget you. Skirts are usually allowed as long as they are a reasonable length. You don’t want to cause any distractions now. If you think what you’re wearing is rated R, you might want to escalate that to HR.


Still a no-no in corporate america. If you’ve got one, make sure its covered up. Leave the tats to the Metallica concerts.


Steve Jobs says, “I pity da’ foo who don’t listen to music on my iPod.” In most cases, it is allowable to listen to music while you’re at your desk, as long as you are getting work done.


As long as the jewelry is not flashy it is acceptable in the office. Obviously if you are in construction or out on the field sometimes it is a safety hazard to be donning the bling. Use your best judgement.


Acceptable most of the time. If you’re out meeting a client or signing some big deals though, try and dress up a little bit more. Chances are they will be much older than you, and will see a t-shirt as belonging to weekend wear wardrobe. By the way, who would’ve thought the blue screen of death could be fun eh?

Flip Flops

Unfortunately flip flops are not allowed as office wear in most places. Maybe it’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want to see some foot fungus while I’m getting my daily pot of coffee anyways.

Generation Y’ers are an eclectic bunch. Dress accordingly.


One Response to “The Generation Y Dress Code”

  1. 1 Blair

    Jeans are my favorite! I think Gen Y relates to jeans because they’re so comfortable and practicle, you can dress them up or dress them down, you can attend an important function wearing them, or you can even go out to a bar at night wearing them. One of my favorite brands at the moment is called House De Lux, they’re a Manhattan based brand, and they’re insanely awesome! You should check them out if you ever happen to be in town.,

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