Track Your Investments With CakeFinancial


Tracking your spending is easy with Mint, but how about tracking your investments for free? I stumbled upon CakeFinancial recently and think of it as Mint meets your portfolio with the added twist of social networking.

Track Your Portfolio Automagically

CakeFinancial imports your brokerage data so you’ve got the most up to date status of your portfolio. No more updating that spreadsheet, thats so 2007.

Share Your Portfolio With Friends

As if tracking your portfolio across different brokerages wasn’t enough, CakeFinancial lets you compare your performance with others who are similar to you. You can even see how top investors are buying and selling so you can get some ideas for yourself.

You and your friends can start your own community and share tips and portfolios amongst each other on the site itself, or through Facebook with the CakeFinancial Investing Club app. Wall Street investors do it on the sales floor every day, why can’t you?

Benchmark Yourself

CakeFinancial makes it easy not only to compare yourself with others, but against the standard benchmarks like the S&P500. That 20% you earned in one day was probably thrilling, but when you see the S&P500 earned 25% you might think twice about your winning portfolio.


With Mint to track your spending, and CakeFinancial to track your investing you’ve covered every nook and cranny when it comes to your money. Personal finances is not hard when you have the right tools to crunch those numbers.


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