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This graph pretty much sums up the behavior of 90% of investors. Select a proper asset allocation, buy and hold. It’s that simple. Leave the I should’ve, could’ve, and would’ve to the sheep. Advertisements

I am a huge fan of Swenson’s Yale Portfolio. It’s simple, doesn’t require many funds and has beaten the S&P500 in good and bad times. One thing I don’t like about it are bonds. Fratboy Investor’s are young. We don’t need bonds yet. Lets take a look at how a Fratboy would invest in the […]

Do you have to invest all of your investment money into retirement? No. A non-retirement account can be used as a part of your savings so that you can tap into it before you retire without any penalties. Lets take a look. Conservative Investors Say.. Fund 401k up to the maximum employer contribution Fund Roth […]