5 Reasons To Splurge


(bling is Paris Hilton’s thing. If you like it, buy it)

People sometimes get too caught up on saving. If you are disciplined and spending less than you earn then I say splurge on the things you enjoy. Personally, I love eating out and buying gadgets. There is no need to cut back on what I like because at the end of the day, I’m still saving for retirement/long term.

When To Splurge

  1. Vacations – you don’t get to take many of these, enjoy it. Eat out, take tours, eat some more
  2. Computers – in the technology world you get what you pay for, a $500 computer just might have enough juice to load up this blog, but a $1,000 computer can do that and so much more. If you’re buying one for college, make sure it lasts you 4 years.
  3. Music Players – Sure a Zune or Creative Zen has more disk-space, can do x, y and z but its no iPod. Lets face it, everything is catered towards the iPod these days whether its integrating it into your car, to docking it with your alarm clock. Buy something that is not a fad, and here to stay.
  4. Dates – if you’re a nerd most probably you won’t be getting many of these. Just kidding. Seriously though, if you’re going to take someone out do it in style. I’m not saying book a five star hotel but definitely impress. Some may argue that there are women (and men) who don’t prefer to be charmed, true, but statistically 85% of women like guys who spend. Don’t try and defy mathematics.
  5. Shoes – A good pair of basketball shoes will stop you from rolling your ankle. A nice pair of dress shoes can last you a lifetime. Cheap shoes usually tear apart, smell funky and can be hawk-eyed by fashion savvy women within 3 seconds.

Next Up: 5 Reasons Not To Splurge


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