Your Degree Means Sh!t


When I was in college I started off in the front row my freshman year and progressively made my way towards the back as a senior. I want to debunk a myth for some people today. Your college degree does not mean anything.

Especially if you majored in business. I kid.

But really. When you look for a job, employer’s aren’t really eying applicants who have no experience. Why would they want to spend time and money to teach you things and not get a return on investment 3-5 years later. Yeah thats right. New college graduates aren’t really valuable to the company until much later when they’ve learned how the business operates and have gained domain specific skills to excel in the industry.

I’m not saying stop trying to get a 4.0, but what I am saying is to get real world experience. Diversify your skills while you’re at it. If are an engineer get business savvy. Dabble with your own startup. If you are a business major, pray you become a store manager at Abercrombie & Fitch. I kid again. Learn about technology and how it will improve the business world around you.

The bottom line is, these are the types of skills you don’t learn in school. Calculus, economics, finite automata , etc. are all great fundamentals to know, but what does it really mean to your employer?


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