High Gas Prices: You Should Still Drive Your Car


Can you really give up your car?

(…and yes that is a basket)

Is that really a question? I am subscriber and fan of the blogger who posted this, but some personal finance blogs go to extremes to save money. Sure you can save a ton on gas money by riding a bike to work every day but lets be practical:

  1. The average American commutes at LEAST 10 miles a day for work. Thats 20 miles you need to ride every day.
  2. Ten miles at 10mph would take approximately 1 hour
  3. Thats 1 hour longer you could be sleeping in the morning
  4. Assuming you leave work at 5:00PM like most corporate stiffs, you would get home around 6:00PM. Meaning you just missed America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks if you’re on the West Coast.
  5. Not to mention you would stink and your clothes would be sweaty
  6. The risk of becoming injured on the road has now increased by 70%
  7. Even your Asian and Indian friends/co-workers will call you a cheapskate

I think I’ve proven my point. There is a difference between being frugal and being financially smart. There is nothing we can do about rising gas prices. Let’s continue living our lives and making financially smart decisions.


One Response to “High Gas Prices: You Should Still Drive Your Car”

  1. 1 Dustin

    I respectfully disagree, only because I did this for a few years:
    1) If you travel 10mi one way, during rush hour, you’re only averaging *at best* 30mph if you’re anything like me when I lived in a big city. So really you’re only saving 40min by driving.
    2) Do you go to a gym every day? If so, biking can be your “cardio” on the non-lift days. You’ve now saved another trip, one to the gym, and actually *gained* time since you’re not driving to another location, and you’re also doing two things at once, exercising and commuting.
    3) MILFS dig in shape dudes who show up in bicycle shorts, and hippie chicks dig dudes who show up on a 10 speed saying “yah it’s not much, I just try to do my part, hey have you been to that vegan place down the road lets go get some tofu at lunch…”
    4) With the money you save on gas, and wear and tear on your car even if you only do it 2 or 3 days a week, you can buy a DVR and not miss your model shows.
    5) Who cares about the asians and idians? jkjkjkjkjkjkjk 😉

    Just saying…. two sides, every coin.

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