Charge Everything To Your Credit Card


If you can pay off your bills every month, charge everything, and I mean EVERYTHING to your card. Groceries, gas, 99 cent candy bars, you name it. If you’re going to be buying things you might as well get something back for it.


There are plenty of rewards credit cards out there that give you cash back or points redeemable for gifts and goodies when you spend on your credit card. You might as well use a rewards card if you’re going to pay off your balance in full or else you’ll be missing out on free money.

Don’t Spend with Cash or Debit

If you are spending money with cash, or your debit card you earn absolutely no rewards or cash back. Everyone needs to fill up on gas, so use your rewards credit card. Once you’ve reached a certain limit you’ll get some money back.

Boost Your Credit Score

By always shopping with your credit card, and paying it off you are indirectly improving your credit score each and every month you pay bills off. When you apply for a loan on a house or a car its your credit score which will determine whether or not you get the best rates.


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