Gym Hacks: Waive Registration Fee’s


I recently signed up at a gym near my house because I didn’t want to become the stereotypical overweight, UNIX beard sporting, computer nerd. Here are some ‘hacks’ I used to get the best deal:

  1. Use a corporate discount – If your employer offers a discount, use it! Usually you’ll get the registration fee waived or deducted by a good sum
  2. Friend referral – If your friend is already enrolled in a gym, you can get the same rates he/she gets, assuming they’ve got a pretty sweet deal hooked up already.
  3. Negotiate – Registration fee’s go straight to the person who gets you to sign up for the gym in the first place. Its a commission bonus for them that you don’t need to pay. Tell them you can go to another gym with no fee’s. They will tell you that their gym is better, but be steady and ready to walk out. Instead of waiving the registration fee, they might bump up your membership for free towel-service or other amenities that normally would cost $5+ extra per month. In the long run these perks are worth more than the initial one time registration fee.
Spend your money wisely. Always stick it to the man.

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