How To Boost Your Credit Score


Maintaining good credit will make it easier for you to get loans on a car, or a house. Unless you’re uber-rich and pay everything in cash – pay attention.

Your credit score is based on reports from Experian, Equifax and TransUnion. Each company calculates your score differently but should be within close range of each other. Here are some tips on improving your score.

Don’t Be Late

Pay your bills on time. A big part of your score is how well you can pay off your debt. Don’t miss a payment because even one late payment can ding you. Pay your balance in full too.

Don’t Cancel Cards

Your first credit card probably sucked and had a really low credit limit. Don’t cancel it. Credit reports are heavily based on credit history and how long you’ve been buying. It’s called your credit utilization ratio. Tuck it away and keep it open. The longer you’ve owned a credit card the better your score will be.

Don’t Sign Up For Store Cards

Saving 10% on your first purchase might save you money in the short term, but every time you sign up for a store card at Banana Republic, J. Crew, <insert favorite shopping store> an inquiry is posted on your credit report. Too many inquiries lower you score. If you have a lot of store cards already, don’t cancel them. Cut them up and move on.

Check Your Credit Report

Your credit report shouldn’t be a mystery. You can order one free report a year, so make sure you double check it for errors. If you find something incorrect, you can request an audit which can fix your score in the case of error. Check out to get your free report.

Keep a Low Balance

Having a high balance is considered risky to a creditor. Keep your balance low and your score improves. If you are a big spender, try and get a card that issues a high limit. That way your balance will be low in comparison to the higher limit. Of course, you need to have good credit to begin with to earn that high limit card =).

Thats all folks. Keep it simple.



One Response to “How To Boost Your Credit Score”

  1. 1 zoe

    thanks for the tips. i still sign up for store cards but only in stores that i really buy from. i read some more info at

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